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Vacuum forming equipment, Pneumatic molding equipment.

Thermoforming equipment.

Vacuum forming machines, air (pneumatic) forming lines.

The Engineering Company MAGISTRAL produce a wide range of modern vacuum forming equipment for the manufacture of plastic wares. Depending on the operating parameters of the equipment, vacuum-molding machine, in our company, is assigned its own unique marking, where these parameters are reflected. Procedure for labeling is as follows:
VFM A . B . C (WGK), where
parameter A is a length of plastic sheets,
parameter B is a widht of plastic sheets,
parameter C is a depth, (height) of forming.
parameter G informs about control system vacuum molding machine, equipped a controller,
parameter W informs about bottom panel of heaters for double sided heating of plastic sheets,
parameter K informs about ceramic surface of infrared heaters for heating of plastic sheets.
The area of forming without area of clamp of plastic billet is approximately:
(А - 40 mm) х (В - 40 mm).
Depth or height of forming is (С - 50 mm).

On this page you can see some models of vacuum thermoforming equipment from EC MAGISTRAL, as well as reflected their basic characteristics. Vacuum forming machine type VFM 6000.1400.800 and VFM 2000.3000.1500 W.
Thermoforming machine VFM 6000.1400.800 allows to manufacture big-size plastic products length until 5.5 m.
To reduce the overall dimensions, this equipment is made by a special scheme with pulling pneumatic drive of form. This scheme allows to protect pneumatic drive against bending loads and reduce the height of the vacuum forming machine. Total height of vacuum molding machine is only 2500 mm. Working stroke draped table 800 mm.
This equipment has controlling terminal with indication of the intensity of heat in the zones. Thermoforming machine is equipped optical position sensor for the protection against the sagging heated sheet of plastic.
More details about the compact scheme vacuum molding equipment - large vacuum-forming machine.

Technical innovations:
- big stroke of form together with small overall height of vacuum forming machine,
- check and automatic correction sagging heated sheet of plastic,
- front loading forms,
- check of heating of zones is on the operator panel,
- synchronization of work of pneumatic cylinders,
spent on the previous models and implemented in thermoforming machine VFM 2000.3000.1500 W, allowed to install this equipment additional bottom heating panel for double sided heating of plastic.

vacuum forming machine vacuum forming machine

Vacuum forming machine
VFM 3000.2000.1500
with double sided heating of plastic.

Vacuum forming machine
VFM 6000.1400.800
Length of product is until 5.5 м!

All vacuum forming equipment in EC MAGISTRAL is manufactured in accordance with the terms of reference (TOR), which must contain:
- dimensions of area forming of vacuum forming machine
- stroke of form or maximum
height (depth) of vacuum forming machine
- other important parameters of vacuum forming equipment.
TOR can contain information of product, which will be produced on this equipment. (overall dimensions (габаритные размеры, thickness of the plastic, type of plastic), options of complectation.
Parameters TOR are used as basis for calculation of cost of vacuum forming equipment.

Our specialization is a production vacuum forming machines with different volume of forming, as well as automatic pneumatic or vacuum forming lines.

Before sending to buyer all thermoforming equipment is tested for forming to obtain a qualitative sample of plastic products.

Serial vacuum forming equipment UNIVERSAL.

Serial vacuum forming machines of EC MAGISTRAL is designed to meet the greatest demand for buyers and have the best technical characteristics.
Learn more about of serial vacuum forming equipment UNIVERSAL.

New serial vacuum forming equipment UNIVERSAL-2

Vacuum forming machine

serial vacuum forming equipment UNIVERSAL-3

Vacuum forming machine

Vacuum-molding equipment economy class

EC MAGISTRAL produces vacuum forming equipment of economy class for small-scale production of plastic products. This thermoforming equipment has an attractive price and high quality vacuum-formed.
Learn more about vacuum forming equipment of economy class.

 vacuum forming equipment UNIVERSAL-3L at low prices  vacuum forming equipment UNIVERSAL-3L at low prices

Automatic air-pneumatic forming machines (equipment)
for the manufacture of blister package and other plastic products of films.

EC MAGISTRAL produces automatic forming equipment and air-pneumatic machines for the produce blister package and other plastic products of different purpose of films.

automatic blister packing machine
Automatic blister machine PFL-2/600
for the production blister package and package of cake,
as well as other different plastic products of films.

Automatic blister machine  PFL-2/600
Automatic thermoforming line PFL-2/600
for the production blister package
and other different plastic products of films.

Our firm has a long experience of designing and manufacturing vacuum forming, thermo forming equipment . Construction vacuum forming machines optimized for the production of the maximum possible range of plastic products, which is achieved by the presence of the following necessary technological capabilities vacuum forming:
1. Heating of the workpiece on Vacuum Forming Machine produced by band infrared heaters with adjustable power. The area of vacuum forming is divided into zones of heating with dimensions: 130mmh130mm (for ceramic heaters) , within which operator can to regulate power of IR-radiation of zonal heaters.
2. Vacuum forming machine is equipped with a mechanism of support of heated sheet in a horizontal plane of clamp. This allows us to maintain an equal distance between the zonal heaters and plastic workpiece, to avoid its contact with the form.

new system of regulation of dimensions of workpiece clamp

3. Vacuum forming equipment staffed by a discrete mechanism for reduction farea of forming.

Automatic system of regulation dimensions of clamp frame.

4. Workpiece clamp and stroke of clamping frame of vacuum forming machine are produced by two pneumatic cilinders
with force equal 5000 n/m, which provide a reliable locking and sealing the sheet of polymer.

5. Block relay or controller produce automatic control of machine work. Automatic control ofvacuum forming equipment produces following things:
- heating workpiece,
- stroke of form,
- on, off of vacuum valve,
- cooling of finished plastic products,
- inflate a plastic dome and separate the finished product with a form,
- lowering form.
6. Lifting of form of thermoforming machine is performed by special pneumatic cylinders with reinforced rods, with electronic synchronization of stroke of every rod which prevent their distruction. it is necessary for normal work of the machine, when sum of forming forces is far of the centre of area of forming.
7. Vacuum forming machine equipped with high-performance cooling fans.
8. Vacuum forming machine equipped with special opening for front-loading of large forms.
9. Vacuum forming machine has a sealed forming box, which allows to inflate plastic sheet for (pos.3 of scheme ВФМ) the reducing of the difference between the thicknesses of plastic of the product.
10.Vacuum forming machine may be equipped by double-sided heaters of workpiece.
11. Heating panel with sliding mechanism is used for whole field of forming only one. Only one total panel of heating with sliding mechanism is used for whole field of forming. Heating panel is off in non working position.
12. In additional complectation or at using double sided heating vacuum forming machine is completed optical sensors of control sistem of checing depth of sagging of workpiece. In additional complectation or at using double sided heating vacuum forming machine is equipped optical sensors of control system of sagging of workpiece.

Equipment of thermoforming
for the manufacture of plastic products.

EC MAGISTRAL manufacture vacuum thermoforming equipment for the production different kinds of plastic products.

newest vacuum forming machine for 
the production of acrylic bath and liners for a bath. newest vacuum forming machine for 
the production of acrylic bath and liners for a bath

Vacuum forming equipment for the production of plastic products.

Video about work of vacuum forming equipment.

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Watch the video of the thermoforming equipment is possibly on this page.

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Construction of vacuum forming machine.

Vacuum forming machines are constructed differently and differ non only dimensions their working parts . Only principle of work of all vacuum forming machine is equal.
Scheme of vacuum forming machine with double sided of heating is in bottom.

Construction of vacuum forming machine.

Figures are denoted as follows:

  1. Top and bottom heaters with zonal regulation of temperature of plastic
  2. clamping frame
  3. forming box;
  4. lodgement of plastic sheet;
  5. base of form (table);
  6. heating element
  7. drive of heater.

Principle of work

is that hot workpiece and basis of form shape vacuum chamber, where air is deleted, so plastic deforms. description of work vacuum forming equipment is in the page technology of vacuum thermoforming

Additionaly information of vacuum-forming (molding) machines of EC MAGISTRAL.

Mobile thermoforming complex.
Engineering Company MAGISTRAL offer mobile thermoforming complex, which is sum of some block-containers with vacuum forming machine inside. Mobile thermoforming complex is may be complemented by other technologycal equipment (generator of electric power, extrusion equipment, crushing equipment, drying equipment, punching press and ets).
Buying mobile thermoforming complex will help you with organization of new production, because you will not need to look workshop for your production.

vacuum forming machine
with double sided of heating is in mobile thermoforming complex

Thermoforming complex is protected from bad weather, and equipped with exhaust ventilation, lighting, has thermal insulation and heating. To prepare for the work of the thermoforming of the complex is only necessary to set the block containers on a flat piece of land, hold them between each other and connect them to a power source.

Additional equipment for thermoforming machines.

Vacuum-molding equipment of EG MAGISTRAL is equipped by additional equipment allowing flexibility to provide the technology needs of the production of plastic products. Additional equipment.

Vacuum-molding equipment

Vacuum forming equipment of EG MAGISTRAL is equipped by gate of new construction for load large forms. This vacuum forming machines have high rate of conversion, which allows cost-effective to produce small series of plastic products.

Details about loading gates...

New system of control of  vacuum forming equipment.
Now, new system of control of vacuum forming equipment installed to thermoforming equipment. Main element of control system is a controller Mitsubishi, additional element is GOT (grafic operational terminal). This control system give commands for drives of thermoforming equipment.
Details about system of control MITSUBISHI.

History of development of thermoforming equipment EC MAGISTRAL.

In this page there are different models of thermoforming equipment EC MAGISTRAL, so here you can learn history of evolution of thermoforming equipment EC MAGISTRAL.

Show room of vacuum forming equipment.

Vacuum forming equipment.

Now, vacuum forming machine VFM 3000.2000.800 W is working in the production of EC MAGISTRAL, This equipment is for production advertizing and other plastic products. Experience in operating this vacuum forming machine allows concluded that the two-sided heating billets increases productivity thermoforming equipment in the 1.5 - 2 times. Our vacuum forming machine produce toilet cabins, shower cabins, composting toilets, acrylic bath and liners.

Old page of vacuum forming equipment.

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