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forming equipment forming equipment

Serial vacuum forming equipment.

Forming machines
Universal 2 and 2M

forming equipment forming equipment

EC MAGISTRAL produces vacuum forming equipment for the small-scale production of plastic products.

This forming equipment is equipped by Mitsubishi controller or terminal of machine controlling, which are used for the regulation of machine modes.
Vacuum forming machine can use additionally devices :
- device for the cutting work piece of film ;
- pneumatic cylinders for the top punch of negative forming in female forms;
- valve of air pneumatic forming from fan;
- liquid cooling system of forms;
- automatic controlling device of level plastic workpiece;
This machine can flexibility modify modes depending on type of thermoforming and polymer.

forming equipment forming equipment

On the main side of the vacuum forming machine there is the front gate to download forms.
EC MAGISTRAL uses the best modern technologies for the production vacuum forming machines.

Forming equipment. Vacuum forming equipment.
Universal 2. Design Features.

Vacuum forming machine has every technological options for the production plastic high quality products:

forming equipment

  • - hermetical forming chamber which is used for the blowing dome by air to reduce the wall thickness difference of the plastic products;
  • - individual regulation of infrared heating of plastic in zones, which have sizes: 130 mm x 130 mm.
  • - device for the support of hot plastic sheet on constant level;
  • - automatic work mode which allows vacuum forming machine to do all operation of thermoforming not including loading and deleting work piece from equipment;
  • - discrete changing of size clamp of polymer sheet;
  • - thyristor regulation of heaters power;
  • - device of film uncoil;

Vacuum forming machine Universal 2. Technical characters:

Type of equipment: Universal automatic vacuum forming equipment for the production plastic products by vacuum forming method.

Forming equipment. Vacuum forming machine Universal 2M:

  1. Dimension of forming area - 800х800 mm
  2. Max dimensions of plastic workpiece - 860х860 mm
  3. Depth (height) of forming - 350 mm
  4. stroke - 380 mm
  5. Using plastic - polymer films and plastic sheets
    thickness 0,1-10,0 мм.
  6. Overall dimensions of vacuum forming machine approximately ( mm ):
    length 1900
    width 1100
    height 1600
  7. work electric power : 380V 10 КW,
    max electric power-25 KW;
    number of heating zones - 25,
    pneumatic 0.5 - 0.6 MPa,
    air flow 200 liters/min.

Cost of vacuum forming machine Universal 2 - 9900 $.

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